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Find more than just treasure with your own metal detector!

Why do you need a Metal Detector?

Sometimes we just have this urge to go on a sudden treasure hunt to find some gold or a piece of jewelry we lost. Maybe the urge takes you somewhere far or maybe it calls you to search your own backyard. You'll never know what you can find! 

Whatever the case may be having a handy metal detector  will make the search easier. It can be a source of family bonding or simply ignite that hidden treasure hunter inside you.


Why buy our Metal Detector?

It is user-friendly. This product is easy to use, with all the controls that are available in the detector for easy adjustments.

It is very comfortable to use. The metal detector has an adjustable stem and arm support for comfortable handling.

This is one of the most versatile metal detector available in the market. This metal detector can detect different kinds of metal for fun and exciting search, it can detect iron, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, nickel.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What kind of metal I can use this for?
Answer: With this powerful and versatile metal detector, you can search for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver everywhere. It is also widely used to detect aluminum, copper and rare metals underground or any place that conceals metal.

Question: Can the length of the stem be adjusted?
Answer: The metal detector has an adjustable stem, adjust the length of the detector for comfortable use. From 30 inches up to 41 inches.

Question: How would I know if its detecting metal objects?
Answer: The metal detector has two detection indicator, audio alert, and a pointer gauge. The audio alert has a high-pitch tone and becomes louder and steady if the object is near, and the pointer gauge indicator will go from lower to a higher number if it detected a metal object.

Question: How can I hear the tone alert in public or noisy places?
Answer: The metal detector has a pointer gauge to view for the detection of metals or it has a built-in headphone jack for headphone connection to clearly listen for the alert tone. Stereo or mono headphones can be used.

Question: Is this metal detector easy to use?
Answer: This product is very easy to use, complete with all control knobs. It has a discriminate (DISC) knob, to select different kinds of metal, a sensitivity knob to adjust the sensitivity of the detector and works as a power knob to switch on and off the detector, it also has a volume knob to adjust the volume of the alert tone, and a headphone jack for use to connect a stereo or mono headsets.

Question: Can it be used underwater?
Answer: The metal detector has a waterproof search coil, and can be used for shallow-water only.

Question: How is the metal detector powered?
Answer: The metal detector doesn’t have a built-in battery and it requires two (2) 9-volt alkaline batteries to work. It is equipped with a light indicator if the battery is running low.

Package inclusion per choice of set:

  • Set 1
    1 x Metal Detector ONLY

  • Set 2
    1 x Metal Detector
    1 x Headphone

  • Set 3
    1 x Metal Detector
    1 x Shovel

  • Set 4
    1 x Metal Detector
    1 x Headphone
    1 x Shovel

Whenever you are running out of ideas use this METAL DETECTOR and maybe you’ll find something you never knew existed near you.

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