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Rid Of Those Pesky Flies!

"This thing really packs a punch, feels like it's made well, and it's hilariously accurate. Would highly recommend this to get rid of those annoying flies. But BE CAREFUL and don't POINT IT AT ANYONE and your PETS!" - Thomas C.

Why Buy Our Insect Terminator?

EASY TO USE: Has a more durable salt hopper that makes tactical reloads easy during the heat of battle. No batteries are required for this Insect Terminator. Easily get rid of pest insects while feeling like a star of some action movie.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Improved engineering on the trigger mechanism. It's VERY light! Keep away from children and pets. The barrel is lifted and has a patridge sight for extremely accurate shooting.


  • For 18 years old and older!
  • No Batteries are required.
  • Uses ordinary table salt.
  • Do not point at pets, butterflies, praying mantises, dragonflies, and the like!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of salt does this use?

A: Any ordinary granulated table salt will do.

Q: How to use it?


  1. Open the lid and pour in granulated table salt (Holds 80 shots)
  2. Pull back the pump handle and then push forward. (It will not shoot unless the pump is in the forward position. The pop-up sight will indicate you are locked and loaded.)
  3. Push the safety button to the fire position. (Effective within 3 feet)


Product Dimensions: 21.75 x 7.5 x 2.75 inches

Item Weight: 2 pounds

Used to eradicate: Houseflies, Mosquitos, Poisonous Spiders, Roaches, Moths, Spotted Lanternfly, Slugs, Cabbage Worms, Stink Bugs, Earwigs.


1x Insect Terminator

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