Golf Iron Cover


Size: W Type (1pc)
Color: Orange


Maintain The Best Performance Of Your Golf Clubs By Protecting Them!

Protection and care of your golf equipment and accessories do not just end with the bags, brushes and continuous checking.

For example, your iron might catch rust or get scratched when you leave them alone just like that hanging out of your golf bag. Or get banged in your other clubs and all of them dented. Just saying...

Our Golf Iron Covers are the best jacket that you can get for your golf clubs! Made and designed with high-quality synthetic leather, stylish and functional. 

See the benefits and features of the Golf Iron Cover...

Why do you need Golf Iron Cover?

Whether you carry your clubs, pull them on a cart or attach them to a power cart, some jostling is inevitable. So, if you want your golf clubs to take care of you, you have to take care of your clubs.

The cover is made solely to protect and secure your golf iron heads. Preventing it to have rust or dents or scratches. It has the highest quality and durable synthetic leather.

The leather finish and high-quality stitches certainly has the luxurious feel and look of high-class golf accessories.

You can just have your golf iron wear this and keep this together when they are not in use. Yes, it's also stackable!

This cover is water-resistant so your golf iron heads are protected from the water too.

Equipped with a Velcro fastener for a secure fit and easy removal anytime you need your golf club. 

So, keep your golf clubs in tip-top shape and lasting as long as you want to keep playing them!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the size of the golf iron cover? 
A: Every piece of the iron cover is labeled with its corresponding size for your convenience. Sizes are in these labels:

  • S (CB Type) - This is for slightly wider cavity iron sole; Cavity-back iron
  • M (MB Type) - This is for forged type, narrow or small iron heads; Muscle-back iron
  • W Type - This is for Wedge or sole wide and deep back iron

Q: Will they fit with different brands of clubs?
A: Yes, definitely! These iron and wedge style club covers are designed to fit from smallest to largest clubs even from different brands.

Q: Is it durable? 
A: Certainly! The design and material are decided after considering certain factors such as weather, functionality, style, convenience, and practicality. The cover is made of high-quality leather that can withstand the sun (yellowing) and changes in weather and pieced together using a sturdy luxury Gütterman thread from Germany. It has a point seam design for firmness and style.

Here are some tips to extend the life your golf clubs:

  1. Store Your Golf Clubs Properly
    High heat can weaken the glues that hold the grip and clubhead in place. Never store them in your car's trunk for a long time. The best way is to store them indoor.
  2. Keep It Dry
    Say NO TO RUST! If you come in after a wet day on the course, just give your clubs a quick wipe-down before tossing them back in the closet or corner.
  3. Keep It Clean
    Clean those clubheads between play. Make sure to remove dirt & debris from the grooves & etchings on the clubheads. It ony requires a soft-bristled brush, some warm water (and suds).

    Golf Club Cleaner is also available here!

Package Inclusion Per Variant:

  • CB Type (1PC)
    1 x CB Type of Golf Iron Cover

  • MB Type (1PC)
    1 x MB Type of Golf Iron Cover

  • W TYPE (1PC)
    1 x W Type of Golf Iron Cover

    5 x CB Type of Golf Iron Cover

    5 x MB Type of Golf Iron Cover

    3 x W Type of Golf Iron Cover

Protect your irons using our Golf Iron Cover so you can play a full round without worrying if you’re tools have been compromised. The better you take care of your irons, the better they’ll perform.  

Nicks, scratches, and other damages? Don’t worry about it!  Our Golf Iron Cover will keep your irons safe so you can focus on the game.

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