Custom Case for Samsung: Cartoonify Your Pet

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Model: S6
Number of Pets and People: 1
Color: Transparent
$29.95 $60



  1. Choose your phone model
  2. Send your photo to our email:
  3. Choose the number of pets you want printed.
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Choose the best photo of you or your pets. Make sure that it is a photo of high resolution so that when we do it, it won't come out blurry or low-quality. Our advice is to take photos of your pets in a close-up manner so that we can focus on the characteristic of your beloved fur babies.

Just like you, we are also pet lovers and we want to immortalize the expression and moments of our pets. We want to carry it around us all the time that is why this phone case is put into action. Don’t worry your pets will be exactly as they are, just animated and cartoonified.

Phone Case Specification:

The Customized Phone Case will arrive in a firm clear case made of 0.6 mm Rubber that also covers the side of your phone. We made this decision so it will look like your pets are engraved in your phones while at the same time your phone is protected.

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