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Look cool while recording the extreme moments with Camcorder Sunglasses

Why do we need Camcorder Sunglasses???

Whether you are riding your bike or just trekking you can comfortably wear this and record your adventure without the use of your hands. It is a hands-off recording!

It is also safer and much more convenient than a GoPro attached to your head which may cause an unexpected accident because of its awkward placing but with Camcorder Sunglasses you won’t have that kind of worry.

You are protected while you are enjoying the thrill and fun with the Camcorder Sunglasses!

Why buy our Camcorder Sunglasses?

It has a high-resolution recording. Records at FULL HD (1920x1080) quality videos with crisp and clear audio. The image resolution is at 8 megapixels, giving you more detailed and high-resolution videos and still images.

Aside from the fact that it can give you clear video and audio, it is stylish and functional. These sunglasses are the best fit for your daily routine exercise or just adding style to your outfit with the additional function of video and still image recording for safety or just to record fun moments.

Above all, it is very easy to use. With one-touch button function, instantly record videos or photos, and recharge via micro USB cable, can be recharged from power banks, pc, on in your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Are these sunglasses polarized?
Answer: Equipped with polarized lenses for protection under the sun when using outdoors while, running, walking, cycling or even while driving your motorcycle.

Question: What is the video and image quality?
Answer: This Camcorder Sunglasses records of FULL HD (1920x1080) quality videos with crisp and clear audio, and can be reduced to HD (1280x720) quality, and the image resolution is at 8 megapixels, giving you more detailed and high-resolution videos and still images.

Question: What is the battery capacity?
Answer: This Camcorder Sunglasses has a built-in 500mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery that can record up to one (1) hour and thirty (30) minutes, and can be charged from your PC, power banks, and USB plug adapter.

Question: Can I use for outdoor activities?
Answer: This Camcorder Sunglasses is not waterproof. However, don’t miss your fun and exciting adventure! This sunglass camcorder is versatile and can be used for mountain climbing, biking, fishing, scouting, camping, traveling, driving, hunting, shooting, and many more.

Question: What is the memory capacity?
Answer: This Camcorder Sunglasses recorder doesn’t have built-in memory. However, it does have a memory card slot for micro SD cards and can accommodate up to 32GB, which can record up to 5 hours of video.

Package Includes:
*1 Camcorder Sunglasses
*1 case  
*1 cloth
*1 USB cable 
*1 user manual

Don’t let the awkward and unsafe recording devices ruin the fun, let the Camcorder Sunglasses record every moment of your wonderful adventure.

Be one of the first batches to get this ultimate adventure recording device!

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