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  • ✔ QUALITY PRODUCED! ECOLOGICAL MATERIALS! CLEVER DESIGN! Our Anti-Snoring chin strap is made of a high quality neoprene. A double seam making it more durable. It is one-size-fits-all anti-snoring solution, so no matter what your head size may be, the Anti-Snoring chin strap is guaranteed to fit comfortably.
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE! Different people can use our chin straps for snoring issue! Simply Place the wide part of the strap beneath your chin, place your ears inside the cut out of the strap and then finally tighten the strap to your preference and size. This snoring device is simply a comfortable and easy to use product.
  • ✔ STOP KEEPING YOUR LOVED ONES AWAKE WITH THAT HORRENDOUS NOISE! Our Anti-Snoring chin strap is the perfect solution for you! It may not seem like much at first sight but as soon as you adjust the strap you’ll feel how easy and comfortable it fits. Snore stopper straps flexible design makes it barely noticeable when sleeping!
  • ✔SIMPLY THE BEST ANTI-SNORING DEVICE! HUGE AMOUNT OF GREAT FEEDBACK! Our jaw support is simply the best solution that money can buy! After years of refined testing our product has simply had amazing feedback! This snoring aids is now rated as the top anti-snoring device world-wide.
  • ✔ 100% GUARANTEE SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK WITH NO 'buts'! We guarantee the quality comfort and efficiency of our anti-snoring chin strap or your money back! If for any reason our product did not live to your expectations we will offer you a full refund! So what’s to lose? Give it a try today!


  • Strap length size is about 19 in adjustable for 4 inch by the velcro
  • Simplicity of use - So simple a child can put anti snoring chin strap on
  • Comfortable and reliable fit, even in a the roughest of sleeps.
  • Low priced - An affordable price for any buyer
  • High of Comfort - No squeezing your head in that uncomfortable way, blocking blood circulation or causing discomfort in the neck area
  • Safety - Produced from a hypoallergenic and antibacterial neoprene
  • Adjustable - Thanks to its special clasp, our bandage is a one-size fits all product!
  • Our snore stopper fits for men and women


How to use our Anti-Snoring chin strap?

Tighten the stop snoring bandage around your head, making sure that the wider part of the strap wraps around your chin, while the other half wraps around the back of your head. Ears should be located within the strap. Once fixated properly, it will push the chin forward to open air flow. Guaranteed to remain fixated jaw supporter on your head, no matter how much you’ll toss and turn in your sleep. If improperly or loosely fitted, the bandage may not properly fixate the jaw, thus leading to unintended or ineffective results.

How does Anti snoring chin strap work?

Snoring is the direct result of soft tissues vibrating around the hard palate. During sleep these muscles become relaxed, closing off the nasal passageways, and as a result, restricting airflow through the nose. Keeps muscles in the upper throat open, thus allowing airflow in the mouth and arresting any vibrations in the hard palate. Usage ways is unlimited

  • Prevents muscles from stretching, thus opening air flow through airways
  • Keeps the soft back palate from sinking, eliminating any vibrations that may cause loud rumbling snoring noices
  • Reduces swellin in the nasopharynx
  • Eliminates teeth squeaking during sleep
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