3D Printer with FREE Caster Office Chair Wheels (Set of 5)

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Turn your creativity into reality! 🙌✨

3D Printer

“This is the best! I’m new to the world of 3D printing and I’m so glad I chose this as my first 3D printer. It’s very easy to use and it worked well. I had so much fun printing different useful things with it!
- Alvin P.
COCW with FREE Caster Office Chair Wheels

How Can This Easily Print 3D Objects? 💯

✅  HIGH-PRECISION PRINTING: This 3D printer features an aluminum body with sturdy structure, making it resistant to shaking during printing, and giving precise results. It uses a carbon-silicon crystal glass plate that can heat up in just 5 minutes, bringing strong adhesion that prevents warping.

Fast heating

✅  EASY TO OPERATE: It's easy to operate. It comes with a color screen with rotary knob to set up and control the 3D printing.

Digital visual controls for easy use

✅  RESUME PRINTING: When a sudden power failure occurs, this 3D printer has a smart induction resume printing feature that allows you to continue printing progress after a power cycle.

Resume printing

✅  CONVENIENT: It has an all-in-one tuner that allows you to adjust the belt tightness easier.

All-in-one tuner

✅  EFFICIENT AND DURABLE: Its V-profile pulley ensures steady motion, low noise, and wear resistance, helping extend the printer’s life.

Print different 3D objects
3D Printer features

✅  FREEBIE: You'll also get our best-selling Caster Office Chair Wheels (Set of 5) when you purchase this 3D Printer! 

 High Capacity: Each wheel can handle 130 lbs of weight, for a total of 650 lbs maximum capacity with all five wheels! Giving you wide applications with your chairs! The polyurethane casting and steel bearings keep the pressure distributed AND are made to not get scratches on your floors! These wheels will last longer than your average office chair wheels.

 Smooth Motion: The modern rollerblade caster construction gives you smooth swivel action, making sure that your wheels don’t get stuck during use!

 Noise Free: These wheels are designed to dampen noise and squeaks! Say goodbye to squeaky wheels!

• Universal Fit: These wheels fit with almost all office chair types and can be installed by simply popping them in place!

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How big is the print size? 

A: The maximum printer size/build volume is 8.66 x 8.66 x 9.84 inches, allowing you to print various 3D objects.

Q: Can you print directly to it from the computer? Or do you always have to transfer files to the SD card and then insert the card into the printer?

A: You need to load the file in a micro SD card and plug it into the printer. But it is possible to print it directly from the computer if you set up an external device.

Q: How do I insert the filament?

A: This 3D printer features a filament auto-feeding, where you just put in the filament end and it starts feeding automatically to the printer.

Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Product Specifications

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