17 Inch Lumbar Mesh Back Support

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How does this Support Your Back? 😌👌

"This support cushion is very sturdy, more so than I was expecting. It really does a great job of adding lumbar support to my car seat, and I can adjust it up or down as needed to add or remove the amount of pressure it had. The rubber lines on the strap help keep it in place so it won't slide down. Great item for a great price."

- Jake Tarrow

 ADJUSTABLE: Features 2 adjustable vertical straps where you can easily decrease or increase the bend of the frame. Choose your desired level of comfort and support. Plus, the breathable mesh fabric keeps your back cool and dry all day long.

 UNIVERSAL: Universally compatible with any hard backrest chair. In the office, at home, and on the go. Feel relief at your desk in your office chair or car,

✅ DURABLE: Sturdy steel frame doesn't get easily deformed. Lightweight mesh with thick lining stitches with elastic straps that have a high-quality buckle clip with a length adjuster. Each elastic strap has 4 rows of nonslip raised silicon grip keeping the back support in place.

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long are the chair straps?

A: Back support straps extend and have a stretch to them. Extended each side is 16 inches, stretched over 30.

Q: What is the mesh made out of? 

A: The mesh is made of a polyester blend. The mesh-like weave of it allows for air circulation and is essential for prolonged sitting.


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