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Protect, Store & Safely Organize Your Documents 

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“It's a good size and well-made. It has a comfortable carry handle and I can also safely lock the bag. Easily keep my files and important things organized. This one is weather and fire-resistant, which is just what I wanted.” - Lia H.

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✅ Safe: This is water resistant and fireproof made of double layered non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass that can withstand temperatures up to 2000°F. It has passed the SGS TEST(UL94 VTM-0 Certified). 

✅ Large Capacity: It has a three-layer design which includes 4 passport mesh bags, 16 card slots, 4 U Disk pockets, 7 folder layers, and one large main pocket. It can safely and securely keep your important documents, files, money, passports, U Disks, cards, laptop, and certificates.

✅ Secured: Portable and has a durable handle that makes it easy to grab and carry everything you need, two-way water-resistant zippers make it easier to open and close the bag, combination locks keep your valuables safe, and a larger strap handle design on the rear allows you to install a suitcase handle.

Portable Fireproof Document Bag

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it durable for traveling?

A: You can use it not just at your house, office, automobile, safe box, or storage cabinet, but also for camping, travel, and other outdoor activities.

Q: How do I set the password for the lock?

A: The original number is 0-0-0. Follow these steps to create your own personalized combination:

  1. Reset the dials to the 0-0-0 position.
  2. Use a tool, press the reset button (a) until the "Click" sound is heard.
  3. Change the dials(b) to your desired combination, such as 8-8-8.
  4. When you hear the "Click" sound, push the button (c) in the direction of the arrow, and the reset button (a) will appear.
  5. Now that you've completed the process of creating your own personal combination, please memorize it. If you need to reset your password, follow the instructions above again.


  • Do not submerge or wash the bag in liquid.
  • Fireproof does not mean it can withstand unending fire exposure, keep any fire exposure to a minimum. 
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